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Oh My Baby

⭐⭐ 2/5

Jang Ha Ri (Jang Nara) is a workaholic senior reporter at a parenting magazine “The Baby”. As she is nearly 40 and still single, she faces pressure from family and society to “marry and have a baby soon”. Despite her long-term refusal to fall in with peer pressure, she finally decides to have a baby, but just that, without going through the process of marriage. While she starts scouting for possible candidates who could father her child, she considers her long-time friend, pediatrician Yoon Jae Young (Park Byung Eun), an aloof photographer Han Yi Sang (Go Joon), and even the ever-helpful rookie at work, Choi Kang Eu Ddeum (Jung Gun Joo). The rest of the drama is about how she approaches each of these men to be the sperm donor, and her emotional growth through the entire process.

This was the second drama of Jang Nara's that I watched, after Fated To Love You. Though this drama dealt with very important topics such as infertility, reproductive age and workaholism, I felt that the story and screenplay were not handled well. The story was narrated in an insipid fashion, and it could not hold my interest, even though I forced myself to faithfully watch until the end with lots of fast forwards.

There was absolutely no chemistry between the Jang Nara and any of her suitors. The scenes were unnecessarily long and drawn out, and all the scenes with even mild intimacy looked extremely awkward. Jang Nara appeared mature in some scenes, and extremely immature in others. I was not able to place a handle on the character she was trying to portray. The photographer (Go Joon) was also pretty awkward, as though he was clueless after landing the role. It was frustrating because I couldn't take the slow pace and the chronic indecisiveness of the main leads. As for the other actors, Jung Gun Joo and Park Byung Yoon did a pretty good job and played their role very well. As expected, Kim Hye Ok and Lee Mi Do gave stellar performances.

There is one thing noteworthy about Jang Nara here. She looks absolutely cute in this drama. She doesn't look a day older than 25 years. It is impossible to believe that she is almost 40 years old!

This drama is not up to my taste, and I would not have bothered to watch it, if it had not been for my habit of finishing a drama that I start watching. But if you're a fan of any of the actors, you can go for it.

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