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Love Lasts Forever

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5

Nanase Sakura (Kamishiraishi Mone), as a highschooler, accidentally meets Doctor Tendo Kiari (Satoh Takeru) when he comes to the rescue of an old woman on the street. Awestruck by Dr.Tendo and his medical skills, Nanase decides to become a nurse so that she could always stay by his side. Fast forward five years, Nanase joins Dr.Tendo's medical team as a rookie nurse at the hospital, and continues to work with him, despite openly having a major crush on him. Called "The Devil" at work, Dr.Tendo appears to be aloof and uninterested in Nanase, but he finds himself drawn to her and falling in love.

This is one of the best Japanese dramas I've ever seen. Everything was perfect in it. The cast was excellent and had great chemistry. Satoh Takeru and Kimishiraishi Mone made a fantastic pair, and were well-matched. There was no over-the-top acting and hysterical screaming that you normally see in jdramas. The storyline, screenplay and direction were top notch.

I normally don't pay attention to OSTs, but this drama had great OST as well. I'm also not a big fan of doctor and hospital related dramas. But I was drawn to this story because they used the patients' medical condition and treatment as a part of making the lead pair come together. Thereby they enriched the story, rather than just narrating how the patient was treated at the hospital.

Right from the first scene the story was fast paced, and was kept interesting. One more unique thing is that they spent only a few seconds for the titles in the beginning, and they continued with the story till the last moments of screentime. Editing was crisp, and all unnecessary scenes were done away with. An excellent effort and achievement.

This is definitely a drama that is worth watching!

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